Role & Importance of main door as per vastu shastra

  • As per our ancient vedic vastu wisdom, main door of any premises is like mouth in our body. Vital Energy To Sustain Our Body Enters Through our mouth in form of food. The state of your health depends on how well you control intake from your Mouth. Similarly, Vital Energy from the environment enters the building through our main gate. This Vital Energy coming from main door can bring peace, prosperity, happiness and good relationships when it is positive(Like Good Nutritious Food) and problems if it is negative(like unhealthy or Junk Food).

    As Per Vastu Shastra There are 32 Entrances in a building every entry has some positive or negative effect. Like mouth is for body same ways door is for house. So One Must Have Door which brings positive vibration from the main door to become richer and More Successful. Healthy and Positive Energies Produce Right Thought, temperament and actions that are needed For You to achieve what you always wanted to. So Get Your Property check right away as per vastu to know that is your main door located correctly or require an urgent vastu correction.

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