Businesses & Corporates too follow Numerology

  • Have you ever noticed extra alphabets in Businesses, brands, movies, serials, Celebrities, Cricketers, Public Figures Names or are your aware that maximum out of top 500 companies or brand names example Google(adds to 1), Tata(adds to 1 ), Reliance(adds to 7), Coca Cola(adds to 1), IBM(adds to 7), Wall Mart(adds to 6), State Grid(9), Toyota Motor(adds to 7), Apple(adds to 7), BP(adds to 1), Volkswagen(adds to 5), Royal Dutch Shell(adds to 1) etc are compatible as per numerology. However Not every individual is successful in every business likewise not every business name is fruitful for every individual or brand. Numerology the Science of Numbers has benefited the business with compatible business names. 
    Ace Numerologist Chandresh Sharmaa has served top brand & individuals. He analyses the present brand or business name & also help in choosing the numerology compatible name for your new brand or business. Click Business Name Numerology to Know More
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