What is Numerology Say about Singer Asha Bhosle Ji

  • Happy Birthday to one of the best known as singer "Asha Bhosle" ji (September 8, 1933). As Per Numerology A Number 8(Saturn The Judge) Ruler with destiny number 5(Mercury The Buddh), governed by number 1 too. 
    She started her career in the year 1943(Year number 8) at an early age of 10, In the year 1981(year number 1) she attempted a different genre by sing ghazals for which she won the first National film award of her career & at the age of 62 (year number 8) she sang in the Movie Rangeela. 
    Number 8's are very dynamic & hardworking who generally have to see great hardships. They have to struggle a lot to achieve success in their life. There could by denial however no deny. Her destiny number is 5 which gives her variety, makes her quick thinker, adaptive, curious & forever young at heart.
    Name Number "Asha Bhosle" adds to 35 which is outwardly a fortunate number however person will suffer losses because of friends & associates. Unexpected accidents may occur. Today's friends will become tommorrow's foe. Wishing the amazing singer good luck & success on her birthday.
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