Happy Birthday Narendra Modi Ji

  • A Number 8(Saturn Ruler) with Destiny number 5(Mercury) & being a a virgo governed by 5 number too. 
    Read How Number's played role in his Life-
    Do you Know in 2014 when he became the Prime minister he was in his 64th year i.e 1 which is one of his lucky numbers i.e(1,3,5 & 6) who left his opponent Rahul Gandhi Way behind who was in his 44 i.e 8th year. 
    He became 14th (i.e 5) chief minister of Gujarat & then became the 14th prime minister of India i.e again 5. His Name Narendra modi too adds to an excellent octave of 5. 
    In the year 2019 he would be in his 69th year i.e 6 & India in its 3rd. As Per the numbers he has great chance to extend his tenure as the Prime minister of India.
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