वास्तु द्वारा संतुलित किये गए घर में व्यक्ति सुख शांति का अनुभव करता है

व्यक्ति की मूलभूत आवश्यकता�"ं में रोटी, कपडा �"र घर अनिवार्य रूप से आते हैं | जहां रोटी �"र कपड़ों में दिन प्रतिदिन विविधिता संभव है वहीँ हमारा घर स्वयं में ही एक व्यक्तित्व के लिए होता है| हमें अपने शरीर के लिए अच


Vastu Services to attract Peace, Growth & Prosperity

We are here to provide you the Best Vastu Services In Noida. Vastu Shastra to advice pleasing characteristics for site & buildings based on flow of energy called Vastu Purusha. Vastu Services in Noida the first part of the day(morning) sun is considered particularly putting good effect & purifying however the only sun does not play a specific role in vastu shastra.
Vastu Services in Noida from Vastu Expert Chandresh Sharmaa
If you want to know more about th


Businesses & Corporates too follow Numerology

Have you ever noticed extra alphabets in Businesses, brands, movies, serials, Celebrities, Cricketers, Public Figures Names or are your aware that maximum out of top 500 companies or brand names example Google(adds to 1), Tata(adds to 1 ), Reliance(adds to 7), Coca Cola(adds to 1), IBM(adds to 7), Wall Mart(adds to 6), State Grid(9), Toyota Motor(adds to 7), Apple(adds to 7), BP(adds to 1), Vol


Role & Importance of main door as per vastu shastra

As per our ancient vedic vastu wisdom, main door of any premises is like mouth in our body. Vital Energy To Sustain Our Body Enters Through our mouth in form of food. The state of your health depends on how well you control intake from your Mouth. Similarly, Vital Energy from the environment enters the building thr


Phone Email and Numerology

Do you know name number of "PHONE" is 3 & of "E-Mail" is 5 . As per numerology both 3 & 5 are responsible for sales, communication & marketing. I believe which is why both are widely used for sales, marketing & communication worldwide.

Vastu Expert & Numerologist Chandresh Sharmaa has many client across the globe. Consult him to know what your name & numbers speak. Get vastu solutions without  unnecessary demolition or str


Baby Name Numerology and Personal Numerology

Every Person has a Name & Unique Date Of Birth. Whole Life of a Person depends on its Date Of Birth and Name as Per Numerology, Through the Birth and Name Numbers one can know his Achievements and Challenges in Life.

It Has Been experienced that most of the time People end up keeping wrong Name Of their Children's which is not a good sign for them. Name plays a significant role in the life of a Person as he/she is driven by his name throughout his life. Be it Personal name, Business Name, Shop name, New Born baby name