Vastu Tips For Placement of a building

North & East direction of the building should be kept low. Hence building should be Constructed in such a way that it is towards the South & West for beneficial Energies. Always keep more open space in North than South & More in East than West. Vice Versa Creates Hurdles in Life.

Vastu shastra tips for plot selection

Site Selection requires a great knowledge & experience and a vastu consultant is good at it. Vastu consultant is able to check the energies of the plot. Plot whose energies are compatible with the energies of the purchaser has proved to be very beneficial for him. Given below are some basic rules which one should follow before purchasing a plot.

1.) Sites which are Rectangular in shape ensures all round prosperity & growth. Sites of triangular, circular shapes, those with five corners, hexagon, octagon or polygon


Benefits of Plants in the East direction

East Vastu direction is responsible for social association. Placing or planting Green plants in the east direction enhances the Social association of the residents however plants if kept or planted in South west direction hampers the personal relations of the residents. 

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Washing Machine in Right Direction Helps take right decisions

Washing Machine Kept in Right Direction Helps you take right decisions out of Churning. Right a


Role & Importance of main door as per vastu shastra

As per our ancient vedic vastu wisdom, main door of any premises is like mouth in our body. Vital Energy To Sustain Our Body Enters Through our mouth in form of food. The state of your health depends on how well you control intake from your Mouth. Similarly, Vital Energy from the environment enters the building thr


Baby Name Numerology and Personal Numerology

Every Person has a Name & Unique Date Of Birth. Whole Life of a Person depends on its Date Of Birth and Name as Per Numerology, Through the Birth and Name Numbers one can know his Achievements and Challenges in Life.

It Has Been experienced that most of the time People end up keeping wrong Name Of their Children's which is not a good sign for them. Name plays a significant role in the life of a Person as he/she is driven by his name throughout his life. Be it Personal name, Business Name, Shop name, New Born baby name