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East Vastu Direction

East Vastu Direction if balanced in the houses enhances connections with the people who support us in fulfilling our purpose. It is strongly related to the mind. Mind broadly, works as the connector to connect with both - internal world as well as the external world. This ability of mind is governed by the East direction. If this ability or connectivity is not developed, then other possibilities of doing and achieving things in life are also affected negatively.

Entrance Effect - If divided into two parts we get two entrances. Entrance in the first part of East direction brings inhabitants closer to the important people in the government, thereby reaping good personal benefits. Entrance in the 2nd part of East direction makes the person short tempered which leads to unnecessary issues in the family and professional life.

Do's and Dont's - If toilet is placed in the East Direction, Inhabitant lose their ability or has to work very hard to connect with people around. As per Vastu Shastra East direction is ideal for conference or meeting room.