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North East Direction

North East Corner governs new ideas, mental clarity and wisdom. In the Normal course of life, the mind is always focused externally. There are few people who have receptive mind in their conscious state. A mind that can receive in conscious state is rare. Nature has connected this cycle with the deep sleep state. The mind becomes receptive during sleep.  

Entrance Effect - For a Body a Mouth Plays an Important Role Same Ways Entrance of a house plays a major role in the life of Residents. North East Direction if divided into two, entrance that lies in the first part is beneficial for the residents however 2nd part entrance should be avoided as it might lead to Fire, accidents & Unexpected Losses. 

Do's and Dont's - Mandir is said to be a right activity in North East Direction. Merely sitting there and worshipping helps us in getting connected with Ishta Devta or Inner Self. Toilet if in North East direction disposes of the Intuition & creates hurdles in governing your life with wisdom. Kitchen burner if kept there burns the new ideas and insights before it enters your mind.