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North West Direction

North West Corner enable you to store any form of help or support for future use. In earlier times granary used to be in this direction. North west direction generates the energy that attracts support and helpful people for any cause you pursue.

Entrance Effect - If divided into two parts you would get two entrances. Entrance in the 1st part of North west affects the mentality of a person in such a way that they do not mind adopting unfair and unlawful means for their own benefit. If the Entrance lies in the second part of North west , In such a house the inhabitants are harmed by the bad intentions of other people.  

Do's and Dont's - As per vastu shastra north-west vastu direction Is an Ideal direction for storage purpose. North-west being the direction of support, if balanced and properly managed as per vastu shastra helps the person to get right kind of people for help at the time of need. 
Toilet in the north-west vastu direction if not balanced or managed as per vastu shastra flushes away the cash in hand & support at the time of need. North-west vastu zone is also the place of kuldevi/kuldevtas as per vastu shastra who bless us with support & help at the time of need.