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South East Direction

South East Direction Corner also termed as Agneya Kon adds zeal, courage and aggression to the life. Availability of liquid money is result of energy of south east direction. For this you need assistance of your employees and lower staff and this the zone that governs that assistance.

Indians consider fire to be sacred. It is also  worshipped in many cultures around the world. In the old days it provided protection against natural hazard and dangers. Fire of this direction is necessary to generate anything which gives strength and nutrition to life and its processes.

Entrance EffectIf divided in two parts we get two entrances in the south East direction. Entrance of the first part of south east direction leads to accidents, financial losses, burglary and other such problems. If Entrance lies in the Second Part of South East Direction it produces negative effect for the children specially boys of the house. Their thoughts and action differ completely from what their parents expect from them.

Do's and Dont'sSouth-east should be used for Cooking purpose or other fire related work. In the office/Shop one can have a cash counter here.  Water Boring, Black and blue colour in this direction may hamper the Positive effects of this direction.