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South West Direction

South West Vastu direction is the direction of skills, marriage, family harmony, bonding and stability in life and relationships. This direction awakens one's hidden talents. In the olden days south west direction was used to keep tools or weapons. 

Entrance Effect - If divided into two south west direction has two entrances. if entrance is in the 1st part of south west direction people residing in such a house see their profession or relationship going to waste, because of which they get discontented in life. Entrance in the second part of south west vastu direction results in negative behaviour and attitude, which gradually disconnect the family from rest of the world, thereby severly affecting their financial position and relationships.

Do's and Dont's - As per vastu shastra ideal use for south-west vastu direction is to make bedroom in house, manager room or tool room in office. Being the direction of skill if tools are kept in an organised manner, the person becomes organised & skillful. 

South west direction is responsible for good relationships and skills so if not wisely managed can bring bad relationships & skills in our life. It is also the place of ancestors in the house.