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West Vastu Direction

West Vastu Direction gives you energy to work tirelessly and the agility to work with speed. Any action, work or activity that we do is done with some gain, benefits/positive outcomes in mind which could be money, satisfaction, growth, development, knowledge, profits, achievements and so on. The Energy of this direction ensures that no action or effort made by you goes waste. 

Entrance Effect If divided into two West direction has two entrances. Entrance in the first part of west direction offers no particular benefits or harms. Life in such houses is generally smooth. Entrance in the Second part makes one a perfectionist and overambitious. Expectation of gains increases which can prove to be problematic.

Do's and Dont's - Bedroom kept here would help profits flow easily, a drawing room here will make all meetings fruitful. Kitchen if in this direction would enhance the overall profits of the work done by the resident. Toilet here would flush away the profits coming your way.