Top 10 Best Vastu Expert Consultants In Delhi NCR

It is believed that Vastu consultant in India provide specific Vastu guidelines while the building is still under construction. The Vastu consultants offer specific directions and rules of positioning that can prove extremely helpful in creating positive energy. Many people are looking for knowledgeable Vastu Shastra Experts that are able to truly and effectively guide them. Vaastu is the signification of positive energies that people can feel in their lives.

Vastu Consultants overview

Chandresh Sharmaa is a Vaastu consultant who specializes in the ancient Indian science of architecture and design known as Vaastu Shastra. Vaastu Shastra is a traditional Hindu system of architecture that focuses on the design and layout of buildings to create harmonious and balanced living environments.

As a Vaastu consultant, Chandresh Sharmaa works with clients to analyze the energy flow in their homes and businesses and make recommendations for design and layout changes that can improve the overall flow of energy and create a more harmonious living or working environment.

Chandresh Sharmaa may also provide guidance on the placement of furniture and other objects in a space to optimize the flow of energy and promote a sense of balance and wellbeing. Additionally, he may provide guidance on the use of colors, lighting, and other design elements to create a more positive and uplifting atmosphere in a space.

Overall, Chandresh Sharmaa’s goal as a Vaastu consultant is to help his clients create living and working environments that are both aesthetically pleasing and conducive to a healthy, happy, and balanced lifestyle.

top 10 Vastu consultants in Delhi NCR.

VASTU EXPERT & ASTRO-NUMEROLOGIST CHANDRESH SHARMAA :- CHANDRESH SHARMAA is an expert Vastu Consultant & ASTRO-NUMEROLOGIST and has 12 years of experience in the field of Vastu. His passion about numerology, vastu & other such sciences was such that he decided to quit his IT Job & started practicing astro-Numerology & Vastu for good. He followed, studied, practiced, experienced and is now bringing smiles on the faces of people through his amazing techniques. During Numerology & Vastu Consultation He got an opportunity to serve many individuals, Brands, Corporates, Public Figures & visited apartments, residential houses, corporate offices, factories, Showrooms, Shops etc. His clients were astonished to see how effective Vastu Shastra & Numerology techniques are. Because of his effective & result oriented approach within No time he became popular amongst his clients & people from all across the globe started consulting him.

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Dr. Puneet Chawla – founder of Live Vaastu Pvt. Ltd :- A professional vaastu consultant should be an accomplished authority on architecture, Indian ancient science of Vaastu, Vedic scriptures like the Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, astrology and other related sciences. Dr. Puneet Chawla has a command over all these and is adept in providing vaastu recommendations to homes, commercial establishments and industries.

Dr. Khushdeep Bansal – Dr. Khushdeep Bansal
Khushdeep Bansal is globally renowned for practicing the “MahaVastu- Hindu Living Philosophy” based on his extensive research on Vaastu Shastra and Yoga Philosophy. He is also the author of the Earth’s biggest book on Vaastu Shastra, along with eight other famous books on Vaastu and Yoga philosophy.

You may see him on television shows and news channels as a Vaastu expert. Khushdeep Bansal is also the founder of Maha Vastu an Indian and internationally running institute that provides Vastu consultation by experts. He is one of the very known Vastu consultants.

Dr. Rupa Batra – founder of Batra’s Vastu :- Dr Rupa Batra, is engaged in spreading awareness of ancient occult sciences for adding peace, health, wealth &happiness. She has been propagating her experience to help her clients both in India as well as abroad for more than 16 years.
She conducts various workshops on Vaastu, Feng Shui and Pyramidology along with imparting great information on Nameology. A pioneer of Nameology, Dr Batra completed her graduation in commerce from Osmania University, Hyderabad and then an MBA, but owing to her interest in Vaastu Shashtra she became a full time Vaastu consultant.

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj – founder of Anand Bhardwaj Foundation :- Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is one of the most renowned personalities among the world’s leading consultants dealing in Vaastu Shastra, Fengshui, Pyramidology, Numerology & Aura Scanning. Born in 1957, he is amongst the seasoned Vaastu advisors with a large experience of almost 41 years in this field. He is an M.A.,MBA.,Ph. D (Sociology),Ph.D.(Vaastu),D.Sc.eq D.Lit. (Vastu). Hence he may be the highest qualified Vastu consultant on the GLOBE. He is the recipient of 132 awards, rewards, appreciations, honors & 24 medals from the ministers, VVIPS & bureaucrats. The above makes him a celebrity who is called by many organisations to inaugurate their celebrations, functions and fetes.

Dr. Prem Gupta – founder of Vastu Shilpa Consultants :- Dr. Prem Gupta is one of the leading consultants of Jyotish Shastra and Vastu Shastra in India. A doctorate in Vastu and Palmistry from Colombo University, Sri Lanka, he has been consulting individuals and businesses for over 36 years. An expert practitioner, celebrated speaker, newspaper columnist. With his intriguing intuitional command, he has been a guiding light for more than 18000 lives and hundreds of businesses.

Astro Yashi :- Astro Yashi is an Astrologer, Tarot card reader, Vastu Consultant, Palmist, Numerologist, Graphologer, Pendulum Dowsing, Reiki Healer, and Psychic Reader. Her mother teaches her Pendulum Dowsing when she was 17 years old.

Astro Yashi learned above mentioned Spiritual fields from one of India’s famous Institutions “Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan”. She gives easy remedies in counseling to reduce stress. According to her, in order to achieve a healthy, peaceful, and spiritual life we should maintain brotherhood, compassion, and empathy.

Astrologer Yogendra :- Yogendra Ji is one of the world’s famous Vastu consultants because of his extensive knowledge of Vastu Shastra. He has more than 10+ Years of experience in Vastu Shastra, Astrology, Numerology, and Palmistry. So he can be the best choice for the Vastu Architecture of your house, office, or factory according to Vastu and Astrology.

Naresh Singhal :- Naresh Singal is an internationally acclaimed Pyramidology and Vastu consultant who has dedicated more than 18 years of service to Vaastu Shastra. He had made a mark in the field of Vaastu in 14 countries other than India. He was also duly honored with the prestigious and coveted Vaastu Shree and Vaastu Visharad awards

Prateek Dadhich :- Prateek Dadhich is a 22-year-old Vastu Consultant. He has been practicing astrology for the last 8 years. He’s been learning and practicing Vastu and Vedic Astrology since he was 14 years old. His aim is to help people get rid of their trouble.

He has various receive clients from abroad also. Most of his clients are businessmen. He’s got clients who are in the field of politics as well. He believes that astrology is a science and prefers to relate science and astrology.

He gives remedies according to Bhrangu Sanhita, Rawan Sanhita, and Lal Kitab, due to which his remedies are very effective.” He is one of the very famous and good Vastu consultants in India.