Top Vastu FAQs: Answers & Tips By Vastu Expert Dr.Chandresh Sharmaa

Q. What is Vastu Shastra?

Ans. Vastu Shastra is basically aligning the energy of an individual with the space Where he works or lives in. It basically is to balance 5 elements in the house ie. Earth, Space, Water, Fire, and Air. Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architectural and design philosophy that aims to create harmony and balance in living and working spaces by following specific principles based on energy flow.

Q. How does Vastu Effects an Individual?

Ans. An Individuals Energy pattern are extension of his space where he work or Living in Vastu compliant spaces keep the Residents living there happy & healthy which further Helps in increasing their better relationships and attracts new opportunities and prosperity Vice Versa Attracts negativity in the house which attracts bad relationship and losses In terms of health & money.

Q. Does Vastu Solutions require any kind of structural Changes?

Ans. In 99% of cases Vastu Solutions can be applied to the already constructed property Without any unnecessary breakages or structural changes and house or a work place can be energized As per the Rules of Vastu Shastra for the betterment of the Resident living or working in that place.

Q. Can an Apartment/ Flats once constricted be made Vastu Compliant?

Ans. Due to immense research done a Vastu various techniques are available now a day Which can be used in an already constructed property to make it Vastu Compliant and get the desired results? Hence one can easily get a Vastu Compliant space after construction of the property as well and that too without any unnecessary demolition.

Q. When to consult a Vastu consultant or an expert?

Ans. When one is planning to purchase a property and he has selected few as per his budget. One can go and meet the consultant to get the best property for him as per Vastu Shastra. In case you have already purchased the property then also you may visit an expert as Vastu Solution does not require any unnecessary structural changes.

Q. What do is need to get a proper Vastu guidance from an expert?

Ans. Though an expert cheeps the earth energies, directions, colures, 5 elements etc in the space however at the first step one should have a layout plan write live to get a proper Vastu Guidance.

Q. How can one be benefits Form numerology?

Ans. Every individual is born with a unique birth date, time and place which cannot be altered here comes the Role of numerology which helps us understand the strength, weaknesses goal & purpose of an Individual to live a happy and desired life.

Q. Numerology, Astrology & Vastu Shastra Interlinked?

Ans. Though Every Individuals science has its oven Importance. Using all the three technique together helps an expert to give the desired result to his/her client.

Q. How does Vastu Shastra affect home design?
Answer: Vastu Shastra influences the layout, direction, and positioning of rooms, entrances, and objects to optimize positive energy and well-being.

Q. What are the key principles of Vastu Shastra?
Answer: The key principles include orientation, balance of elements, room placements, and the use of specific materials to enhance energy flow.

Question: Can Vastu Shastra improve financial prosperity?
Answer: According to Vastu, proper placement of certain elements can positively impact financial well-being by attracting cosmic energies.

Question: Which direction is best for the main entrance?
Answer: The main entrance if ideally placed in the True North, east, South and West direction to invite positive energy.

Question: How does Vastu Shastra apply to interior decor?
Answer: Vastu recommends using colors, materials, and layouts that align with the five elements to maintain harmony in interior spaces.

Question: What are Vastu remedies?
Answer: Vastu remedies are specific actions or adjustments made to counteract negative energies and promote positivity in a space.

Question: Is Vastu Shastra only applicable to homes?
Answer: No, Vastu principles can be applied to various spaces including homes, offices, temples, and even urban planning.

Question: Can Vastu help improve relationships?
Answer: Vastu’s focus on balance and positive energy flow can indirectly contribute to better relationships within a household.

Question: How does Vastu affect health and well-being?
Answer: Proper layout and placement as per Vastu can help enhance the flow of positive energy, potentially benefiting physical and mental health.

Question: Are there any Vastu guidelines for kitchen design?
Answer: Yes, Vastu suggests specific directions for placing the kitchen and recommendations for positioning the stove to ensure good health and prosperity.

Question: What is the significance of the Brahmasthan in Vastu?
Answer: The Brahmasthan, or central area of a building, is considered the core energy center and should be kept open and clutter-free.

Question: Can Vastu Shastra impact property selection?
Answer: Yes, Vastu principles can guide property selection by evaluating the land’s shape, slope, and surroundings.

Question: How does Vastu relate to colors in a home?
Answer: Different colors are associated with the five elements in Vastu, and choosing appropriate colors can influence the energy of a room.

Question: Are there Vastu tips for a home office?
Answer: Yes, Vastu suggests placing the home office in the northwest direction and positioning the desk to enhance productivity and success.

Question: Can Vastu remedies negate negative energies?
Answer: Yes, remedies like using specific crystals, mirrors, or plants can help counteract negative energies in a space.

Question: Is bathroom placement important in Vastu?
Answer: Yes, Vastu emphasizes placing bathrooms in specific directions to prevent the outflow of positive energy.

Question: How does Vastu view staircase placement?
Answer: Staircases are best placed in the south or southwest direction to ensure a smooth flow of energy.

Question: Can Vastu principles be adapted for modern architecture?
Answer: Yes, Vastu concepts can be modified to suit contemporary designs while still maintaining positive energy flow.

Question: Are there any religious affiliations with Vastu Shastra?
Answer: Vastu Shastra is rooted in ancient Hindu traditions, but its principles can be applied irrespective of religious beliefs for creating harmonious spaces.

Q. Can Vastu defects be responsible for negative experiences?
Ans.Vastu flaws can potentially lead to imbalances in energy, affecting various aspects of life.

Q. Is there a Vastu-compliant direction for meditation or prayer rooms?
Ans. The Northeast direction is ideal for meditation or prayer rooms as it facilitates spiritual growth.

Q.How can Vastu help in real estate investment?
Ans. Choosing properties aligned with Vastu principles can attract positive energy and potentially better returns.

Q. Are there Vastu guidelines for water bodies at home?
Ans. Placing water bodies like fountains or aquariums in the North or East direction can enhance prosperity.

Q. Can Vastu remedies be applied without renovation?
Ans. Yes, simple remedies like using specific colors, placing certain objects, or using mirrors strategically can make a difference.

Q. What is the significance of the Vastu Purusha Mandala?
Ans. The Vastu Purusha Mandala is a sacred grid that represents the energy flow of a structure and guides its design.

Q. How does Vastu Shastra relate to solar energy?
Vastu takes sun angles and solar energy into account while positioning windows and doors for optimal energy flow.

Q. Are there Vastu guidelines for commercial spaces?
Yes, Vastu principles can be applied to commercial spaces for better business growth and harmony among employees.

Q. Can Vastu defects be the cause of stress?
Imbalances in energy due to Vastu flaws can contribute to stress and other negative emotions.

Q. How can Vastu Shastra influence decision-making?
A Vastu-compliant environment can promote clarity of thought and improved decision-making.

Q. Can Vastu remedies contradict modern architecture?
Vastu can be adapted to modern architectural styles without compromising on functionality.

Q. How can Vastu help in enhancing creativity?
A Vastu-compliant study or workspace can promote creativity and innovative thinking.

Q. Are there Vastu guidelines for constructing a temple at home?
Vastu recommends placing a home temple in the Northeast direction for spiritual progress.

Q. Can Vastu defects be a reason for sleep disturbances?
Yes, improper Vastu alignment of the bedroom can contribute to sleep-related issues.

Q. How does Vastu Shastra view mirrors in the house?
Mirrors should not face the bed or reflect negative areas, according to Vastu principles.

Q.Are there Vastu recommendations for home gardens?
Plants and trees in the North, East, or Northeast directions can enhance positive energy in the garden.

Q. Can Vastu principles be applied to rented homes?
Yes, you can implement simple Vastu tips in rented homes to improve the energy flow.

Q.How can Vastu Shastra impact family relationships?
By designing spaces that promote togetherness and communication, Vastu can strengthen family bonds.

Q. Are there Vastu guidelines for business owners?
Vastu principles for offices can improve business success and employee satisfaction.

Q. Can Vastu Shastra help in reducing negativity in a space?
Yes, Vastu corrections can neutralize negative energies and create a more positive environment.

Q. What is the best direction for a balcony as per Vastu?
Balconies in the North, East, or Northeast directions are considered favorable in Vastu.

Q. Can Vastu Shastra be combined with Feng Shui?
Both systems focus on harmonizing energy; integrating Vastu and Feng Shui can yield comprehensive benefits.

Q. Are there Vastu guidelines for mirrors in shops or showrooms?
Placing mirrors to reflect cash registers or entrance can attract positive energy and customers, as per Vastu.

Q. How can Vastu principles affect the overall well-being of residents?
A Vastu-compliant living space can promote physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Q. Are there Vastu recommendations for the placement of electronic devices?
Positioning electronic devices in alignment with Vastu directions can enhance their functionality.

Q. Can Vastu Shastra be customized for individuals?
Yes, Vastu can be personalized based on a person’s birth details to optimize energy alignment.

Q. How can one learn more about Vastu Shastra?
There are numerous books, online resources, and Vastu experts who can provide in-depth knowledge about Vastu principles

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