Though every direction is responsible for career, Job or New Opportunities. Majorly Imbalance in North direction creates opportunity hurdles in one’s life.

Let us try & understand it through Example Store in North Direction Creates Earth Element in North which blocks new opportunities, Kitchen in North direction creates fire and water imbalance in the house which too becomes hurdle in our career. Toilet in North direction flushes away the opportunities from your life before it reach you. Same ways Red color in North acts like a kitchen (being the color of fire).

Opportunities trigger in our mind & life through North direction however if it is imbalanced, it creates unnecessary hurdles in our way to attract new opportunities in our life.

Question: Is there a Solution?

Answer: Simple & Easy Vastu Corrections can be done without unnecessary demolition to the structure however an Experienced Vastu Expert is good at it as he knows the house better than you.