East is the most common direction which one use to be told to face while studying in its students life by its well wishers . However the fact is that for every type of study only one direction is not suitable example East direction is suitable for Political Science Related Studies. Same ways As Per Vastu Shastra there are different directions for different kind of studies.. Example if your child is not able to spend much time on studies, placement of study table in correct direction may help your child to enhance his learning skills and help in the development of other new skills.

For the Children who do pay much attention towards studies their study table should be placed between south west and west directions. North-East , South East and South Directions can also be used to place the study table however arrangement should be such that your child should face west to enhance his concentration.

Question: How to Consult to Get the Most Appropriate direction for my Child ?

>Simple & Easy Vastu Corrections can be done without unnecessary demolition to the structure however an Experienced Vastu Expert is good at it as he knows the house better than you.