Vastu Compliant Spaces helps in keeping ones mind positive and healthy. It is rightly said “HAPPY SPACES KEEP PEOPLE HAPPY”. If the person remains healthy and works with a positive mind he is able to achieve the true success in the work done by him and live a healthy life too.

Spaces which are not vastu compliant or have vastu faults may lead to bad health, Emotional Trauma, depression etc.. Imbalance could be in form of wrong placement of objects in the house example Mixer if in North east may lead to headache and migraines. Toilets flushes away the attribute of a direction in which it is built. So Toilet if in North direction may lead to memory related issues. Bed in bedroom if in the wrong direction may lead improper sleep, depression, over anxiety etc..

Question: Do I have a solution for already contructed property too ?

Answer: Simple and Easy Vastu Corrections Can be done without unnecessary demolition to structure however an Experienced Vastu Expert is Good at it as he knows the house better than you.