Vastu Compliant Spaces has always blessed people with good and a properous married life.  Lets Understand some directions responsible for an Individual to get right life partner.

East direction if balanced attracts right kind of person in an individuals life with whom he wish to live a happy life. Presence of toilet in East Direction flushes away the chance of right person in his or her life. South East Direction should be balanced too to attract Celebration to happen in a persons life otherwise he would loose the true fire in his life which enhances warmth to create true celebration in his or her life.

South West direction should also be balanced as Marriages or celebrations require the blessings of your Ancestors. So if South West Direction would be balanced an Individual receives a skilled partner who accepts & take care of her family traditions and happiness which is needed to live a happy and blissful life. 

Question: What to do if not getting appropriate marriage proposal ?

Answer: Simple and Easy Vastu Corrections Can be done without unnecessary demolition to structure however an Experienced Vastu Expert is Good at it as he knows the house better than you.