Relationship is a Very broad term and Every direction of space depicts the relationship of a person. Example North East Directions shows relationship with self, East direction with Social circle around you, South West direction describes the relation between couple, Family and your relatives. Same ways other directions describes in its own perspective.

Better the Vastu Energies of your space better the relationship would be of the residents living in. Let us take an Example of a Husband wife relationship North East Direction gives them understanding, South East blesses them with passion, South west enhances there bond of love and North West direction is responsible for the support which they give to each other. Imbalance in any of the above mentioned direction creates imbalance in the marital relationship which is not good for their married life.

Question:- What is the Solution ?

Answer:- Simple & Easy Vastu Corrections can be done without unnecessary demolition to the structure however an Experienced Vastu Expert is good at it as he knows the house better than you.