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Top 10 Vastu Expert Consultant In Delhi NCR

Top 10 Best Vastu Expert Consultants In Delhi NCR It is believed that Vastu consultant in India provide specific Vastu guidelines while the building is still under construction. The Vastu consultants offer specific directions and rules of positioning that can prove extremely helpful in creating positive energy. Many people are looking for knowledgeable Vastu Shastra

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Can a Washing Machine Helps us take right decisions ?

Right activity in the right directions creates miracles in vastu shastra. Washing Machine Kept in Right Direction Helps in appropriate Churning or analysis which is must if we wish to take the right decisions at the right time. As per vastu shastra direction between East & South East is responsible for the analysis or churning.

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Vastu Shastra Tips For Bedroom To Avoid Tension

पति-पत्‍नी के रिश्‍तों पर बेडरूम का भी काफी प्रभाव होता है। यदि आपके घर में पति-पत्‍नी के बीच आये दिन झगड़े होते हैं, तो आपस में प्रेम के रिश्‍ते को बढ़ाने के साथ-साथ अपने बेडरूम के वास्‍तु पर जरूर ध्‍यान दीजिये, कहीं ऐसा तो नहीं आपके बेडरूम का वास्‍तु सही न हो। जी हां आप

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Happy Numerological Birthday to Ayushmann Khurrana

Happy Birthday "Ayushmann Khurrana" 14-September-1984. A Ruler Number 5 with destiny Number 9 & Name Number 1(He Changed his Name as Per Numerology) A Versatile who performs every role given to him in an amazing way.. Number 5 makes him talented, creative & blesses him with fame, awards, success... Number 9 fetches him more

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Numerology Number 50 and 24 Role in Movie Street Dancer 3D

Numerology Number 50 and 24 Role in Movie Street Dancer 3D Power of Venus 24/6 Numerology Number's Role in Street Dancer 3D 24 born Varun Dhawan starrer "Street Dancer 3D" is going to release today in India. Today is 24th i.e Friday i.e the day of Venus too. Did you

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Ishant Sharma Removes Dom Sibley For Nought! Power Of 6

Ishant Sharma removes Dom Sibley for nought! Power of 6 Today on 24th old Bowler Ishant Sharma made India Proud. Born on  2 September 1988 Ishant Sharma is ruled by Number 2 with destiny number 1 and governed by number 1 being a Leo is  heading towards age number 33

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